David Carter: "Time heals a lot of marketing wounds."
¡@Kobe Bryant is my favorite athlete in the world. In my opinion, he is too perfect to be even an idol. He is ¡@
¡@intelligent, talented, genuine and diligent. However, I also get such shock by his sexual assault issue. I
¡@cannot believe it! What's going on!!!

¡@After two years, I still cannot forget this stupid issue. I know he may be
¡@innocent in public, but it's real a stain in his life, in my memory...
¡@Now, I divide him from two proportions, one of him is a warrior on
¡@the court, and he also a normal man had made some mistakes.

¡@"Time heals a lot of marketing wounds." says Mr. Carter.
¡@David Carter, executive director of the Sports Business Institute
¡@at the University of Southern California.

  Music // Trouble
    Listening to music is a popular hobby for some people. We
can feel free, have a noisy party or be reminded of some
memories. To enjoy a suitable melody in different conditions
is as good as traveling a dream world suddenly. In short, it is
as important for use to liste to music as we need to eat and drink. Therefore, an innovation of old cuisine is deserving of

I hadn't ever known this singer before Devis introduce his
music to me. At first, I didn't interest in Akon, I knew that I
am too stupid to enjoy foreign album. But I got the shock
after listening to his works.

I suppose you enjoy 08¡GLonely from this album, TROUBLE.
It's both interesing and pity to voice the first paragraph in this
song by a child's voice or a clown..Lonely I'm Mr. lonely. I
have nobody for my own
  ps:If you know who is Sammi Cheng, I will suppose you the other song - I should own it / 06.I am unhappy.¡@

  Bill Emmott¡G¡uThe sun(Japan) also rises¡v
  Bill Emmott is a writer in a famous magazine, "THE ECONOMIST".
Recenly he projected that Japan's economy will rise.

In my opinion, I am not very surprised after chating with some foreigner friends in language school.
Taiwanese like japanese culture (Japanese TV series, comics, cartoons, games...etc.) is so usually.
But even Italian (yeah, Domerico, you are this one...^^"), a man come from Europe, knows more information
about the cartoon series - "innocence : Ghost in the shell" than me ...

OH MY GOD ...I get sooooooooooooooooooo surprised!!!

On the other hands, my homestay's landlord enjoy his SONY digital camera, korean classmate want a SHARP
LCD monitor...In my classroom, I also chat about some Korean movies with my korean classmates. The process
that pepole from different countries talk about the same topics..., it's very interesting

However, I also have some thinkings after comparing with the other asian countries...Taiwan and China, or we
can say the Chinese people, above one sixth of population in the world, please stop to waste money and time on
political issues. We should spend more time and money on building "new Chinese culture", I hope that I can have new topics to communicate with my forigener friends except ancient Chinese empire...

pd¡GKorean move ..OLDBOY is so fantastic !!! I expect to talk with U.

  go to SCHOOL !!
There are some stories in IIA...such as...
# 01.TWN boy and girl in IIA (pic) ¡D# 02.talking in Italian in IIA (pic) ¡D# 02.learning Japanese in IIA (pic) ¡D
# 04.Musical Boy in IIA (pic) ¡D# 05.Great Wall in IIA (pic) ¡D# 06.Our Graduation in IIA (pic) ¡D
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  take a CAT

  live in BRISBANE

  INTO BED !!!

  Super Mario

  Thank U
  Hello, my friendss I'm ZON.

I had wanted to design an English website after staying Australia, but I didn't do it.
Because I was so afraid of my stupid English...
I know it will be hard to understand, and sometimes you may need to guess its meaning. =_=

Whatever, I have still designed it.
I am sorry that I must to prepare my English exam, so I have not enough time to decorate my website.
My website, may be too simple. however, still cost me around two days to finish it.
I hope I can pass my English as soon as I can, then perhaps I can present the better work.

Finally, I should say something to my friends in Australia.
I can't deny that I miss the winter in Taipei more, but I am happier to know you.

Thanks for every friends, present Help, Pleasure, and Blessing to me in the world.

I am zon, your friend.

PS¡GI will be happy if you could tell those fouls in my writting
¡@ Please send the mail to me or write your message on the guestbook.